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The CON-TROL-CURE® CROSS CUT TESTER contains all the tools and materials needed for conducting adhesion tests on inks and coatings applied to a flat, uniform surface.

• Multiple tip cutter in a formed handle with nylon protector and guide
• 1 Medium Blade with 1.5 mm spacing, Eleven Teeth standard - other blades available by request or can be purchased separately
• Hex wrench for changing blades
• Flaking brush
• Illuminated magnifier with batteries
• 72 yards (216 ft) of *LA-26 tape
• Copy of ASTM Test Method D-3359 as an instruction guide
• Plastic case with handle

*Permacel tape #99 was discontinued by the manufacturer. Therefore the tape in the kit is no longer Permacel #99 it is currently PA-280630. Both PA-280630 and LA-26 are potential substitutes that are being evaluated by ASTM. We are selling PA-280630 until ASTM makes an official selection for the revision of ASTM D3359 "Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test"

Pull Test Tape Comparison

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