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3 In 1 Mesh Counter

Stop guessing the mesh counts on your frames with the help of the CON-TROL-CURE™ 3 IN 1 MESH COUNTER. This versatile instrument reads both U.S. and Metric mesh numbers of mono and multi-filament fabric from the roll or the frame. 2 different, easily readable scales are used for mono-filament meshes: one for U.S. mesh counts from 100-240, and Metric counts from 40-95. The second scale measures U.S. counts from 200-480, and Metric counts from 78-190.

A multi-filament chart determines counts from 6xx-25xx. U.S. half-tone counts range from 55-200 and Metric half-tone counts numbers from 21-78.

Photographically produced on heavy 8" x 10" polyester photo film (7 mil) for durability and clarity.

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