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UV Lamp Mercury Clean Up Pads

We offer mercury clean up pads to aid safe mercury spill cleaning and removal if a lamp breaks. See below for more details.

Quickly and conveniently capture spilled mercury beads!
• Lid features 'absorbent' foam pad on interior surface
• Replacement foam pad available
• Dispose of mercury by approved disposal method

In case of a mercury spill, remove the lid and press the pad on the inside of the lid firmly into the spilled mercury. This pressure results in the pad taking up the mercury and becoming saturated with the metal. Replace the mercury-laden lid on the jar. A perforated plate in the jar is pressed up against the mercury-filled pad, and the mercury is released into the jar as a result. Dimensions: 105 x 48mm O.D. (4-1/8" x 1.9") high.


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