UV Safety Products - Ozone Detectors and UV FIlters and UV Safety Goggles

UV Safety Equipment - Protection against uv

Protect your workers against hazardous UV exposure with safety equipment. We offer a range of UV Safety Filter materials and sheets and tubes, Orange UV Glasses and Ozone gas detection equipment.

Our filter sleeves and materials are being used in many building to protect sensitive workers and especially people suffering with Lupus as fluorescent strip lights emit low level UV. They can also be found in many museums and exhibition installations where protection of valuable artefacts and artwork is a consideration.


UV Safety Glasses - Eye Protection Orange UV gogglesORANGE UV FILTER GLASSES
UV Fastcheck Strip LabelsUV FILTER SHEETS
UV Filter Sleeve Covers for T5, T8 and T12 TubesUV FILTER TUBE SLEEVES
Ozone Safety Detectors and MonitoringOZONE GAS DETECTION & MONITORS