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Printing & Ink Handling

We offer printing & ink handling equipment to cover all manner of equipment needed in the printing industry from pumps, ink knifes, scrapers, spatulas, stirrers and storage containers to film thickness controls and drawdowns

Equipment for various types of printing including screen printing, flexographic and test equipment to make sure inks and printing is consistent and repeatable.


We have Pumps, for handling the chemicals and coatings. We offer peristaltic pumps, transfer pumps and many types of different hand pumps for UV Curing, inks and chemicals. All wetted parts in the pump product line has been soak tested in the popular monomers to insure that there would be no swelling or adverse effect on the pumps life.

We also have a couple of FDA approved "Food Grade" hand pumps.


Storage containers

Storage containers need to be able to provide oxygen as it prevents jelling and curing in the container, black polyethylene containers are the best way to store UV inks and coatings. Metal should not be used. To offer a full line of UV appropriate products we have selected from each of our suppliers the best for UV Curing products. Keep in mind that we have access to hundreds of other products from these vendors which may not be considered “Best for UV”, and we can provide them at competitive pricing.

Ink Storage Containers & Jars

Ink Knifes, Spatulas, Stirrers and Scrapers

We supply a large selection of good quality Ink Knifes, Spatulas, Stirrers and Scrapers depending on your needs. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and designs. We also have disposable and re-useable types.

Scrapers, Ink Knifes, Spatulas & Stirrers

Film Thickness Controls

Film Thickness Controls to determine a desirable film thickness requires understanding of how a wet film reacts at different thickness's. Viscosity, surface tension and other physical properties that affect the final result must be understood before establishing what thickness will be accepted for a particular production. We have different tools to determine these characteristics including Drawdowm (sometimes known as Meyer/K bars) and Drawdown Machines, Ink Proofers including hand ink proofers.

Drawdown Bars & Rods

Anti-static Solutions

Anti-static Solutions: Static build up can cause all manner of problems from attracting dust and debris to causing damaging esd to electronics. We offer anti-static string, elastic and ionizer bars to help combat static build up in printers and for any application where static build up causes a problem in printing or manufacturing. We also have a range of ESD safe storage cabinets, die handling tools and even static dissipative ink handling spatulas.

Anti-static Products

We offer a range of test and measurement equipment for production, manufacturing and printing.