Dispensing Equipment - Micro Dispenser, Benchtop 2 Part Meter Mix System and Electric Hand Dispensers

Hand Held Electric Dispenser for 2 part materials

From Dispensing Technologies International Corp are the superb range of flexible dispensing systems that can easily be integrated into any in-line production system. The easy to use controller for the EZ-MIX and Microhead dispensing systems allows manual, automatic and automated dispensing, refill and control of operations. DTIC's EZ-MIX-Hi hand held dispenser is a fantastic new addition to the range to allow truly portable dispensing virtually anywhere.

DTIC EZ-MIX FR Meter Mix System 2-Part Dispensing System for Automatic, Automated and Manual Dispensing.
EZ Mix Hand Held Dispensing System
DTIC Microhead Micro Dispensing System

In addition to DTIC's range of equipment we also offer SPT's range of Epoxy Dispensing Tools, Epoxy Stamping Tools and AIT's wide range of high technology Epoxies and Adhesive Materials.

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EZ Mix Hi Motorized Hand DispenserEZ-MIX HI HAND DISPENSER
EZ Mix FR 2 Part Meter Mix DispenserEZ-MIX FR METER MIX SYSTEM
Microhead micro DispenserMICROHEAD MICRO DISPENSER
Dispensing Nozzles, Epoxy Stamping and Daub ToolsDISPENSING TIPS, NOZZLES & DAUB TOOLS