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Mask Aligner (Semi-automatic)

Semi-Automatic (Contact/Proximity) Mask Alignment Systems:

Table-Top Configuration
Adjustable Vacuum Contact Or Proximity Printing
Precision Alignment Module For Piece Parts Up to 8" Square, .005" to .3" Thick
Top (2" to 10") And Bottom (2" to 8") Vacuum Mask Holders
Fixed Level Or Wedge Compensation (Planarizing) Vacuum Chucks
Uniform/Collimated Exposure Beams, Near UV, Mid UV, Deep UV
2-Channel 200 To 2,000 Watt Intensity Controlling Power Supplies
Split-field CCD/TV Alignment Systems/Microscopes, Single Field Zoom & High Magnification Microscopes
Infrared Backside Alignment Viewing, Single or Split-field
Standard Support And Vibration Isolation Tables available

Precision Alignment Station

Available for all situations where precision alignment of substrate to mask, mask to mask or substrate to substrate is needed. The interchangeable vacuum mask holders take parts up to 17". Interchangeable vacuum chucks for substrates up to 16" square, .3" thick. Fixed level and planarizing configurations, fixed or removable substrate pre-alignment.

Chuck motions are micrometer driven X, Y and Theta with precision Z adjustment for fine gap settings. There is also a differential micrometer option with coarse/fine motion.

The control panel features pneumatic controls for on/off of the substrate & mask vacuum. Adjustable contact & ball lock vacuum for planarizing chucks, adjustable N2 purge and mask frame up/down controls.

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ABM Mask Aligner
ABM Substrate Aligner


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