Comco Micro Abrasive Blasters - MB1000 & MB1002 single and twin tank microblasters

We offer full backup and support for the products we supply. Whether you need spares, technical support advice or a machine refurbishment, we can help.


If you have any problems with the machine or would like any advice, we are happy to give support and help to get you back and running with as quickly and possible. Please feel free to call us on 01460 61791


We can carry out inspection, repair and refurbishment for many machines at our headquarters in Chard, Somerset. Depending on the nature of the problem and parts needed we will carry out a thorough inspection and advise you of the condition of the essential parts for the machines operation. Before proceeding with any work we will consult you and request authorization to carry out work or return the machine with only a nominal inspection fee. We always endeavour to get machines repaired and turned around as quickly as possible.

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