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Datasheets & Brochures

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Comco Abrasive Microblasters

ACCUFLO AF10 Datasheet

Abrasive Blast Cabinet (Workstations)

Abrasive Workstations Datasheet
Procenter Plus Workstation Datasheet
Epak Fossil Blast Cabinet Datasheet

Abrasive Media & Nozzles

Abrasive Powder and Nozzle Datasheet

Comco Spares Kits

MB1274-3 Datasheet
MB1440 Datasheet
MB1450 Datasheet
PF2489 Datasheet
PF2190 Datasheet
PF2139 Datasheet

Comco Accessories

Air Dryers Datasheet
Workstation Magnifier Datasheet
MB2300-1 External Blast Timer Datasheet
Window Shield Protectors Datasheet
SP1905 Wire Stripping Ring Nozzle Datasheet

Comco Abrasive Blaster Advice Notes

Moisture Issues, The importance of clean, dry air
Micro-Abrasive Blasting Media Recycling Issues
Oil Contamination in a Micro-Blaster
The Importance of Modulator Maintenance
Accuflo Nozzle Fixturing Datasheet

Comco Abrasive Lathe

Advanced Abrasive Lathe Datasheet

Comco Micro-abrasive Applications

Fossil Cleaning Applications
Micro-abrasive Aerospace Applications
Medical Microblaster Applications
Medical Implant Applications
Semiconductor Electronics Applications
Wire Stripping Applications
Conformal Coating Removal Applications

Comco Discontinued Equipment

Comco TR Series Abrasive Trimmers Datasheet
Comco BV6500 Rectifier Beveller Datasheet
Comco PR1100 Automated Surface Profiler Datasheet

Adhesives & Epoxies

AI Technology Adhesives & Epoxies Brochure
Procenter Plus Workstation Datasheet
Epak Fossil Blast Cabinet Datasheet

Dust Collectors & Dust Extraction

FX Series Dust Collector Datasheet

Mask & Substrate Alignment Equipment

ABM Mask Aligner Datasheet

Mini-Systems Inc (MSI)

Mini-Systems Inc Thick Film Resistors Catalogue
Surface Mount Thick Film Resistor Datasheet
Thick Film Chip Attenuator Datasheet
Thick Film Jumper Datasheet
Mounting Pads & Kits Datasheet
Thick Film Surface Mount Resistor Networks Datasheet
QPL MIL-PRF-55342 Qualified Resistors Datasheet
Wire Bondable Thick Film Resistors Datasheet
Mini-Systems Inc Thin Film Resistors Catalogue
Mini-Systems ROHS Compliance Statement
Microwave Resistors Datasheet
Compliance Statement
Back Contact Resistors Datasheet
MSTF Wire Bondable Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
MSPR Wire Bondable Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
MSMR Wire Bondable Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
MSHR/MDHR/MIHR High Value Wire Bondable Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
Surface Mount Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
Dual Chip Thin Film Resistors Datasheet
Top Contact High Power Chip Resistors Datasheet
Surface Mount High Power Chip Resistors Datasheet
MSJC & WAJC Jumpers & Standoffs Datasheet
MSAT Thin Film Attenuators Datasheet
MSRA, MSRB & MSRC Thin Film Resistor Array Datasheet
MINI-SMT Surface Mount Resistor Datasheet
MSMT Multi-Tap Resistor Array Datasheet
MSMT116 Multi-Tap Resistor Array Datasheet
MSMT117 & MSMT125 Multi-Tap Resistor Array Datasheet
RSMA Surface Mount Resistor Network Datasheet
M.O.S. Thin Film Chip Capacitor Datasheet
Thin Film RC Networks Datasheet
Custom Thin Film Patterned Substrates Datasheet
Mini-Systems Inc Hybrid Package & Lid Catalogue

SPT Die Pickup Tools:

SPT Die Attachment & Fluid Dispensing Main Catalogue
(CT) Conical Tip Pickup Tools Datasheet
(RT) Rectangular Tip Pickup Tools Datasheet
(ST) Silicone Tip Pickup Tools Datasheet
(PL) Peripheral Pickup Tools Datasheet
(PCTR) Peripheral Pickup Tools Datasheet
(IP IPIR IPNC IPCN) 4 Channel Die Collets Datasheet
(CH) 2 SIDED Die Collets Datasheet
(SC) Suction Cup Pickup Tools Datasheet
2151-CT Replaceable Tip Pickup Tools Datasheet
RTR- Replaceable Tip Rubber Pickup Tools Datasheet
RPCT- Replaceable Tip Conical Pickup Tools Datasheet
Custom and Special Pick-up Tools Datasheet
Fragile and Delicate Die Pick-up Tools Datasheet
Die Bonding Tool Type Shanks Datasheet

SPT Bonding Capillaries

SPT Bonding Capillaries Main Catalogue
(UT) Non-Fine Pitch Datasheet
(UT) Non-Fine Pitch Part Number Selection
Fine Pitch Part Number Selection
Low-K-Multi-Tier-Stacked-Die Wire P.I. Capillaries Brochure
SU Copper Bonding Capillaries Brochure
Capillary Unblocking Wire Brochure
Standard EFO Wands Datasheet
Standard EFO Wands Brochure
SQ Series QFN Wire Bonding Capillaries Brochure
BSOB Capillaries - How To Order
Ball Stitch On Ball Wire Bonding Sequence Information
SI Stitch Integrator Bonding Capillaries Brochure
AZR Copper Bonding Capillary Material Brochure
Infinity Long Life Capillary Brochure
How To Order Stud Ball Bumping Capillaries
Heater Block and Window Clamp Capillary Accessories Brochure

SPT Wire Bonding Wedges

SPT Bonding Wedges Main Catalogue
FP Fine Pitch Bonding Wedge Datasheet
UT/US Universal Bonding Wedge Datasheet
UT COB Chip On Board Bonding Wedge Datasheet
ABT Manual And Automatic Ultrasonic Wedge Datasheet
M Microwave Wedge Tool Datasheet
CK Large Wire Inline Groove No-Hole Datasheet
CKVD Large Wire Inline Groove No-Hole Datasheet
LWD6 Large Wire Inline Groove No-Hole Datasheet
OSG7 Large Wire Inline Groove No-Hole Datasheet
45CK Large Wire Inline Groove Autobonding Datasheet
AB16 Large Wire Inline Groove Autobonding Datasheet
3016/4516 Large Wire Inline Groove Notch Autobonding Datasheet
30D6/45D6/60D6 Large Wire Inline Groove Notch Autobonding Datasheet
1015/1016/2015/2016 Inline Groove U & V Notch Autobonding Datasheet
RW Ribbon Wire Bonding Tool Datasheet
7000/7100 TAB Bonding Tool Datasheet
7500/7600 TAB Bonding Tool Datasheet
7045/7145 Waffle TAB Bonding Tool Datasheet
1008A Side Wire Bonding Wedge Datasheet
XGR Insulated Wire Bonding Wedge Datasheet
PF Manual Thermocompression Bonding Needles Datasheet
SPT Wedge Shank Styles Datasheet
1001/1002/1110 Back Bonding Wedge Datasheet
1100/1200/1300/1400 Slimline Notch Bonding Wedge Datasheet

EPAK Custom Equipment

Epak BV6600 Rectifier Beveller Datasheet
Epak EWS2290 Fossil Blast Cleaning Cabinet Datasheet
Epak SA150 Surface Abrader Datasheet

RPS/Hentec Soldering Equipment

Odyssey 925 Lead Tinning Datasheet
Odyssey LX Soldering System Datasheet
Odyssey Soldering System Datasheet
Prelude Solderability Tester Datasheet
Vector 300 Datasheet
Vector 460 Datasheet
Rhythm SPX Datasheet


Densitometer Selection Datasheet

UV Filter Materials

Rigid UV Transmission Datasheet

UV Exposure Measurement

UV Fastcheck Strips Compared to UV Intensity Labels
ABM Model 150 UV Exposure Meter
Drawdown Bar Conversion Chart For Wet Film Thickness
UV intensity Labels and UV Fastcheck Strips.pdf

C02 Spray Cleaning Equipment

PS6000 SnoPen C02 Spray Cleaning Datasheet
BlueFire™ Atmospheric Plasma Composite Spray System Datasheet
MobileClean Portable C02 Spray Cleaning System Datasheet


521 Variable Speed Pump Datasheet

Test & Measurement Equipment

Digital Force Gauge Datasheet
Liquid Dyne Pen Instructions
Oxygen Heavy Duty Meter Datasheet
Oxygen Test Kit Datasheet

Rheology Equipment

SV10 Viscometer Datasheet
Portable Disposable Viscometer Datasheet

Printing & Ink Handling:

Anilox Roll Options for Ecocel Jr and Phantom Proofer
N008-041 Phantom Proofer Datasheet
N008-040 Echocel Jr Datasheet

Production equipment including micro abrasive blast equipment, soldering machines, steam aging test equipment, radiometers for UV measurement, C02 Spray Cleaning Equipment.

We have a range of high reliability chip resistors, networks, attenuators and MOS chip capacitors and electronic packages from MSI.

Wire bonding tools, bonding capillaries, die pickup tools, epoxy dispensing and stamping tools and bonder accessories.

UV Equipment, UV Filters, UV Measurement Labels and Radiometers, UV Cure Chamber, UV Lamps, Spot Cure Lamps, Ink Coating and Printing Supplies, Drawdowns, Ink Proofing, Spatulas, Scrapers and Ink Knives