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Dyne Pens & Liquids

Surface tension measurement helps ensure proper adhesion compatibility between inks, coatings and substrates. A wide range of products is available to help depending on the type, size and level of measurement needed. Surface tension is measured in Dynes/cm. To allow the best compatibility with inks to a substrate, the surface tension must be approximately the same as the substrate. When printing on plastic substrates and other non-porous materials such as polymer, the surface must be treated so the surface tension rises to a defined point.

We have pens and liquid solutions that can be used to determine either the actual surface tension level as well as simple go/no go dyne pens that can indicate when a surface is at a known level.

Dyne Pens - Go-No-Go

This alcohol based Polymer-Ink dyne pen is often used as a “treat/no treat” test pen on polyethylene and polypropylene film. Available with either blue or red ink, the non-cancerous dyne solution is very dark and more environmentally friendly than standard pens. Available only as a 38-40 range pen, it is intended for those who normally only use one pen (as opposed to those testing over a broad range). The dyne pens have a 6 month shelf life.

Part Number - N001-017 polyblue
Part Number - N001-018 polyred

Liquid Dyne Pens

The CON-TROL-CURE® Liquid Dyne Pen's spring-valve tip design keeps the pen's applicator away from the dyne fluid storage to prevent contamination. Press the tip firmly down to open the valve and flood the tip with fresh fluid. Available in sets of 8 pens from 30 to 44 dynes/cm (30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44) and from 46 to 60 dynes/cm (46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60); also available by special order at any level from 30-60 dynes/cm. The dyne pens have a 6 month shelf life.

Part Number - N001-002 Liquid Dyne Pens 30-44 (8 pens)
Part Number - Order Code N001-012 Liquid Dyne Pens Even (8 pens, numbers must be specified)
Part Number - Order Code N001-013 Liquid Dyne Pens Odd (8 pens, numbers must be specified)
Part Number - N001-015 Liquid Dyne Pens 46 -60 (8 pens)

NOTE: All pen orders must be purchased in quantities of 8 only; either in sets or mix-and-match dyne levels according to your specifications.

Felt Tip Dyne Pen Set

Measure how printable your plastic substrates and other non-porous surfaces are with CON-TROL-CURE® Felt Tip Dyne Pens. These chisel-tip markers provide a quick, clean and easy method of testing treatment levels on polymer plastics. By applying a dyne pen to the surface or printing side of your material will determine its surface tension value.

Once surface tension is known, the tested material's printability and adhesion properties may then be quantified. The Felt Tip Dyne Pens are tube colour-coded for easy identification. Each set contains 8 pens in standard levels: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 dynes/cm. 6 month shelf life.

Part Number - N001-001 Felt Tip Dyne Pens 30-44 (8 pens)

CONTROL-CURE® Individual Dyne Pens from 30 to 44 dynes/cm are available through special order only.

Dyne Pen Test Set - 36 to 48 Dynes

This 6 pen magic marker-type pen set quickly and effectively verifies whether a substrate is treated from 36 up to 48 dynes/cm. If the material is properly treated, the applied dyne mark is uniform, resulting in a continuous and homogeneous coloured line. If the material is insufficiently treated, the line of the dyne test retracts in the form of small globules until the mark nearly disappears. Set includes pens in 6 levels: 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 and 48 dynes/cm. 6 month shelf life.

Part Number - N001-010 Dyne Pen Test Set 36-48 (6 pens)

Liquid Dyne Test Solution

Dyne Test Solutions are another way printers, converters and extruders can determine surface energy levels. Ranging from 30-60 dynes/cm, these solutions offer an easy and effective method of testing. By wetting the tip of a cotton applicator with one of the mixtures and spreading a line over the test specimen, users can verify treatment within 2 seconds. If the continuous line holds for 2 seconds or more, users can be assured that the material is treated to within 1 dyne of that specific solution.

Continuing to test different levels in ascending order will allow the user to ultimately determine the appropriate level of treatment. If the continuous film breaks into droplets in less than 2 seconds, the material is insufficiently treated. Users must continue to test in a descending sequence to determine treatment level. Applicator must be changed after each test.

• Wide variety of testing levels
• 30-60 dynes/cm
• Applies easily with cotton applicator
• 6 month shelf life
• Sold/100cc bottle

Part Number - N001-011 Dyne Test Solution 100cc (specify level required)

Cotton Swabs for Dyne Testing

Avoid contamination of your liquid dyne markers and solutions when performing dyne liquid markers, and liquid testing. Use these disposable, highly absorbent cotton swabs rather than the pen tip to mark substrates. Available in box of 1000.

Part Number - N001-007 6" Cotton Swabs (box of 1000 pcs)

Ordering Information: Felt Tip / Marker Pens

Part Number:

N001-017 polyblue
N001-018 polyred
N001-001 Felt Tip Pens 30-44 (8 pens) N001-010 Dyne Pen Set


Go-No-Go Pen
Go-No-Go Pen
Dynes:30-44 (8 pens)
Test Set 36-48 (6 pens)


Ordering Information: Liquid Pens & Solutions

Part Number:

N001-002 Liquid Dyne Pens
N001-012 Liquid Dyne Pens
N001-013 Liquid Dyne Pens
N001-015 Liquid Dyne Pens
N001-011-XX Dyne Test Solution


30-44 (8 pens)
Even (8 pens, specify levels)
Odd (8 pens, specify levels)
46 -60 (8 pens)
100cc (specify levels)


Ordering Information: Cotton Swabs

Part Number:

N001-007 6" Cotton Swabs


(box of 1000 pcs)

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