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Comco Microblasting Range

Epak Electronics Ltd are the UK and Ireland representatives for the Comco Inc. range of Micro abrasive blast equipment. We have been supplying and selling micro-abrasive blast equipment for almost as long as Comco Inc first started.

Comco offer a range of micro abrasive blasters. Depending on your needs, the selection of which blaster to choose will depend on the area you need to abrade, the blast pressure you need, the speed of processing

Small, Single Nozzle Blasting

For general small area blasting, where a single nozzle is required the standard MB1000 Microblaster of AF10 AccuFlo is recommended.

Larger Area, Multi Nozzle Blasting

When a larger blast area is needed or multiple nozzles need to be run, the DF1400 DirectFlo is the better choice due to the larger powder tank capacity and bigger air volume capability.

Automation & Data Monitoring Blasting

When more sophisticated automation and data monitoring is important criteria, the PF2400 PowerFlo is the best choice due to its built in sensors, data port and maintenance interval timers and alerts.

All the blaster range can be automated if necessary and Epak Electronics Ltd have many years of experience in providing Custom Equipment.

Anything from de-burring to drilling holes in silicon wafers cab be achieved with ease and accuracy with the Comco abrasive blasters. Please see the individual pages for more detailed information:

AF10 Accuflo
MB1000 Microblaster
DF1400 Directflo
PF2400 Powerflo