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AD5300 Continuous Air Dryer

For the best microblasting results, your abrasive powder needs to be dry and the compressed air supply feeding your microblaster also needs to be dry. The best way is to use a continuous air dryer with pre water and oil filters. This will remove oil and moisture from your air supply and will help keep your powder dry.

The oil and water filters (included) are placed before the continuous filter to absorb the heavier oils from the compressed air supply and then the continuous drier removes the any residual moisture.

The AD5300 requires no power to function, it is simply inserted into the air line between the compressed air supply and your microblaster.

Perfect when using a Microblaster, Accuflo or Directflo/Powerflo blaster for extended periods of time.

Damp powder will clog together, cause the abrasive flow to become intermittent or just stop working altogether. In the picture to the right you can see Sodium Bicarbonate media that has been allowed to get damp. This powder is ruined as it will not flow properly and would need to be replaced.

There are three types available, depending on the air flow capacity you require we have models that cater for 6 SCFM, 9 SCFM and 20 SCFM. For running a single Microblaster or Accuflo, the AD5300-3 is recommended. For a single Directflo or Powerflo, the AD5300-4 is recommended. For Multiple blasters or where multiple nozzles are needed, the AD5300-5 is recommended.

Maximum Input Pressure - 150PSIG
Maximum Volume - AD5300-3 6.0 SCFM, AD5300-4 10.0 SCFM, AD5300-5 20.0 SCFM,
Maximum Moisture Output - 80ppm
Weight: AD5100-3 - 7.3 kg / 16 lbs
Size: Horizontally Mounted - 775mm W x 280mm H / 30.5" W x 11" H
Size: Vertically Mounted - 280mm W x 635mm H / 11" W x 25" H

Micro Abrasive Blasting Moisture Issues Datasheet
Micro Abrasive Blasting Oil Contamination Issues Datasheet

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AD5300-3 Desiccant Air Dryer
AD5300-4 Desiccant Air Dryer
AD5300-5 Desiccant Air Dryer


with pre oil & water filter 6.0 SCFM
with pre oil & water filter 9.0 SCFM
with pre oil & water filter 20.0 SCFM

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