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Procenter CTR200 Abrasive Workstation

The Comco 'Procenter' Workstation is a combined abrasive blast cabinet, dust collector and air dryer in a single, compact unit. It offers a large, well lit abrasive blast chamber with the benefit of a downdraft style base to capture all the used abrasive particles and air filtration is provided by a HEPA filter. Just add a blaster and you are ready to go.

Ergonomically positioned handholes allow easy access when holding and processing parts. A blow off nozzle that is fitted as standard also helps to clean any residual abrasive from parts before removing them for the next production process.

A magnifier can also be used if working on very small or delicate parts.

Working on ESD sensitive parts ? no problem, we offer an ESD safe version of the Procentre that comes complete with an ionizer, ESD clamps for circuit boards, and extra grounding straps.

When necessary, the lamps can be swapped for UV blacklight tubes. This can prove extremely useful when trying to remove conformal coatings or contaminants that fluoresce when exposed to UV light.

Quiet operation. The ProCenter only generates 68dB of noise when running due to its streamlined design for efficiency and performance.

Window shields are available to help protect the front glass on the workstation - particularly useful when working on small parts that are hard to see

A MB4320-1 Magnifier is also available as an optional accessory that provides 2.4x magnification and aids visibility when working on small parts or areas.

The ProCentre Workstation measures 762mm wide x 863mm deep x 1168mm high (external) 30" x 34" x 46".
Internal workspace dimensions are 609mm wide x 355mm deep x 254mm high. 24" x 14" x 10".
The cabinet uses two F40W/830 cool white fluorescent lamps (interchangeable with UV blacklight tubes).
Window: Tempered Glass, 584mm x 279mm / 23" x 11"
Power: 230v, 50Hz. 4 amp
Weight: 68kg / 150 lbs

ProCentre Maintenance FAQ Datasheet

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CTR200-2 ProCentre Workstation
CTR201-2 ProCentre ESD Workstation
WS2279-3 Window Shields
WS2279-10 Window Shields
MB4320-1 Magnifier


230v, 50Hz, CE
230v, 50Hz, CE
Pack of 3
Pack of 10
2.5X Magnification