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Poweflo PF2400 Micro Abrasive Blaster

The Comco PF2400 Powerflo is Comco's most comprehensive large scale Microblaster, designed to cover a larger blast area or to run multiple nozzles in an automated production environment.

The Powerflo is similar to the Directflo in that it can run multiple nozzles and run at higher pressures than the standard Accuflo and Microblaster range of blasters.

The PF2400 Powerflo can also run at higher air pressures than the standard Microblaster and Accuflo models with a rating of 140psi.

The abrasive media on the Powerflo models is quick and easy to change thanks to a inner tank basket that can quickly and easily be removed. A quick fill flap in the tank lid can be used to refill or top up the abrasive tank quickly and easily.

Similar to the Microblaster and Accuflo, there are options to have a larger sized tank on the Powerflo. When automating long process cycles, this helps to ensure that your machine does not run out of powder. A data port also allows the PF2400 to talk to PLC's or external control systems to flag any powder or machine issues, maintenance alerts and warnings.

A wide range of larger sized nozzles can be used with the Powerflo and these go up to 3.2mm in diameter for the straight nozzles and the rectangular nozzles go up to 0.4mm x 4.8mm in size. An adaptor can be used to work with all of the standard Microblaster nozzles when applications require a smaller size but more pressure. Special nozzles can also be made for applications when an off the shelf solution is not suitable.

Used in many different industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial engineering and fabrication, dental, museums and conservation, MEMS, and Micromachining.

Some of the applications where microblasting can be used include: deburring machined parts, surface cleaning, surface texturing, etching, engraving, conformal coating removal, oxide removal for thermocouples, surface preparation for attaching strain gauges, turbine blade cleaning, injection mould and die cleaning, paint and coating removal on machined parts, rectifier edge bevelling, surface structure micromachining, oxide removal on laser cut stents, catheter guide wire stripping, wire coating and oxide removal.

We have a Directflo DF1400-2CE on demo at our warehouse in Chard, Somerset (a PF2400 minus the extra automation and maintenance features). If you want to see if the process will work for your application, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to run sample parts for your evaluation or arrange for a demo at our site in Chard, Somerset.

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

PF2400-2CE Powerflo
PF2400-80-2CE Tall Tank Powerflo
PF2139 O-Ring Kit
PF2489 Tune Up Kit
PF2121-2 Splitter - 2 Way
PF2121-4 Splitter - 2 Way
PF2131-3 Splitter - 3 Way
PF2141-3 Splitter - 3 Way
PF2495 Constant Air Bleed


230v, Standard Tank, 230V CE
230v, Tall Tank, 230V CE
Set of O-Rings for Tank Lid
Set of Standard Wear Items
Divides 3/8" hose for 2 x MB Nozzles
Divides 3/8" hose for 2 x PF Nozzles
Divides 3/8" hose for 3 x MB Nozzles
Divides 3/8" hose for 3 x PF Nozzles
Air purge through nozzle (option)