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RPS Soldering Equipment

We offer the complete range of soldering equipment from Robotic Process Systems including Lead Tinning Systems - Solderability Test Equipment and Solder Dip Pots and Selective Soldering Systems. In addition, RPS manufacture steam agers for artificial life testing of components.

Solderability Test Equipment

Robotic Process Systems is one of the world leaders in the sale of Solderability Test Equipment. RPS manufactures the Pulsar Solderability dip and look tester
, low volume dipping systems, rotary dip testers for PWBs and steam ageing equipment. The ANSI J specifications have changed some of the requirements of solderability testing, but RPS equipment is capable of doing all forms of testing whether it be ANSI J or MIL-SPEC 202 method 208.

Lead Dipping Soldering Equipment

RPS offers several lead tinning systems.

The RPS Odyssey 925 Lead Dipping System Lead Tinning System is meets MIL, NASA, ANSI, IEC, GEIA Standards for Component Re-Tinning. The Odyssey 925 offers high reliability, military standards compliance in a small-footprint and affordable package. The Odyssey 925 is suited for high precision, low-mid volume in-house re-tinning of electronic components and leads.

See our page here for information on the Lead Tinning system Odyssey 925 Lead Dipping Equipment

The RPS Odyssey 1325 & 1750 Lead Tinning Systems are much larger systems designed for running multiple stations that meet MIL, NASA, ANSI, IEC, GEIA Standards for Component Re-Tinning. The Odyssey DX expands on the capability further by adding extra capabilities. The Odyssey can accommodate drying stations, pre-heat stations, multiple solder baths including solder waves and static or dynamic pots, flux stations and wash stations.

See our page here for information on the Odyssey 925 Lead Dipping system Odyssey 925 Lead Dipping Equipment

Information on the Odyssey is coming soon.

Steam Agers

The steam agers are suitable for electronic components, circuit boards, discrete components and other items where artificial ageing needs to be tested for life failure evaluation. The Photon Steam Agers
allow monitoring and control of either steam or water temperature. Automatic timers allow testing for single or with the Photon, three separate timers for the three separate drawers.

Suitable for testing: high density, discrete components, relays, transistors, capacitors, SMT, and axial components.

Artificial steam ageing of components must occur within a very narrow temperature range; typically at 93 C +/- 3 degrees.

See our page here for information on artificial ageing with the RPS Steam Ageing Equipment

Selective Soldering

RPS/Hentec designs and manufacturers a complete line of high precision automated selective soldering systems.

All RPS systems perform precise dip, drag and dip soldering using innovative RPS Gaussian MiniWave Nozzles™ and high durability spray, jet and ultrasonic flux nozzles; both nozzles articulate below the PCB. Solder management systems can be hot-swapped for lead and lead-free processing in the same system.

RPS offers the widest range of process capabilities in the industry. From space saving 12 x 12” (300 x 300mm) systems to the largest native processing range in the industry at 24 x 24” (600 x 600mm).

The RPS selective soldering systems include the new Vector 300 and Vector 460 systems and the RPS Rhythm SPX.

See our page here for information on the RPS selective soldering systems. RPS Selective Soldering Systems

Solder Pots

RPS manufacture a range of dynamic and static solder pots. These come in a range of sizes and are constructed of heavy gauge stainless steel, ceramic insulation, and the best heaters available.

This combined with their our special heater rail construction help the solder pots keep its shape for many years of trouble-free operation. Most of our solder pots are also available with optional automatic dross wiping mechanisms, and nitrogen inerting.

Static Models - Suitable For All Basic Tinning Applications, Including Lead Attach
Dynamic Models - Evenly Heats Solder with Integral PID Proportional Temperature Control with Dual Display