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RPS/Hentec Selective Soldering Systems

RPS designs and manufacturers a complete line of high precision automated selective soldering systems.

All RPS systems perform precise dip, drag and dip soldering using innovative RPS Gaussian MiniWave Nozzles™ and high durability spray, jet and ultrasonic flux nozzles; both nozzles articulate below the PCB. Solder management systems can be hot-swapped for lead and lead-free processing in the same system.

RPS offers the widest range of process capabilities in the industry. From space saving 12 x 12” (300 x 300mm) systems to the largest native processing range in the industry at 24 x 24” (600 x 600mm).

Vector 300 Selective Soldering System:

The NEW Vector 300 is the smallest selective soldering system available from RPS and it offers a space saving 300mm x 300mm (12" x 12") X/Y/Z lead screw servo motion control with 1 nozzle and offers precision in a small footprint area. The system is offered at an affordable price point.

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Vector 460 Mid-Volume & High Precision Dual Nozzle Selective Soldering System:

The NEW Vector 460 Selective Soldering System offers high performance selective soldering with two multi-nozzles. With a process range of 18” x 18”, the system is perfect for mid-volume production.

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Rhythm SPX - Large PCB Mid Volume High Precision Selective Soldering System:

The Rhythm is a powerful system in a space-saving footprint. This machine has been designed for high mix, high value, and low to mid volume PCB production environments. It can be programmed in minutes and can handle basic to complex dip, drag, wire bond and other through-hole soldering processes previously performed by hand or wave soldering.

The system features best-in-class servo motor motion control, providing speed, accuracy, and repeatability. A superior thermal performance miniwave is achieved with the use of a closed loop temperature controlled nitrogen inertion process. RPS offers innovative miniwave nozzle designs for wave stability and defect free performance.

Part Number - RPS Rhythm SPX Large PCB Mid Volume High Precision Selective Soldering SystemPRICE QUOTE - email us at

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