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Anti-static Products

Static electricity is extremely problematic for printing and other commercial business processes. As an unseen, unfelt force of varying intensity, it attracts and holds dirt, dust, bacteria and other airborne contaminants to all materials and environmental surfaces. Static pulls articles out of register during manufacturing and printing processes, and it causes articles or components to stick together causing jamming of machines and equipment.

For static control on printing presses we have anti-static string, elastic and tinsel. We have a range of air ionizers available for static control in specific areas.

For electronic components, we can supply ESD safe nitrogen / dry storage cabinets and can also offer a wide range of die pickup and component handling tools in ESD safe materials.

Anti-static Products:

Anti-Static String
Anti-Static Elastic
Anti-Static Tinsel
Ionizer Bars

Anti-Static Storage And Handling:

ESD Safe Anti-Static Storage Cabinets
ESD Safe Bonding Tools

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Anti-static Elastic
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