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Benchtop UV Cure Chambers for 365nm 302nm and 254nm

We have three compact and low cost UV cure chambers available. The NEW CL-3000 models replace the older (CL-1000) 365NM and 254NM models.


The UV Curing chambers are controlled by a microprocessor and feature a unique photo-feedback system which measures and controls UV output and ensures maximum energy efficiency. This controls accuracy on a repeatable, reliable basis. The chamber is suited for use in providing a calibrated UV dose (to a NIST traceable standard), membrane crosslinking, biomolecular crosslinking and for UV induced mutations.

The chamber Measures 43cm deep x 40cm wide and is 26.7cm high deep with an internal chamber space of 35cm deep x 27cm wide x 15cm high. There are six 8w fluorescent UV lamps inside the chamber and these are small and take up less shelf space than any other UV chamber on the market. It provides simple preset manual controls via a touch responsive keypad. The UV Curing Chamber is also easy to maintain and has a built in calibration system. Factory calibrated, 230v / 50Hz available in 254nm (UV-C), 302nm (UV-B) and 365nm (UV-A) versions with CE.

Ultraviolet-based Disinfection for the Inactivation of Viruses on Respirator Masks

The UV-C (254nm) version of the chamber can be used to disinfect N95 respirator masks. The shortwave ultraviolet light has germicidal properties and acts directly on the DNA/RNA of the microorganisms. DNA and RNA maximally around 260nm which has the effect of damaging the DNA/RNA structure. The Microorganisms are unable to counteract the extensive high-intensity UV doses within the UV chamber which ultimately inactivate or kill the microorganism.

Using UV-C to disinfect and kill germs is not a new process but with the exceptional circumstances with Covid-19 at the moment. UVC light has several advantages over chemical disinfectants which not only leach into the environment or items being cleaned but can lead to the development of resistant pathogens in the longer term.

With N95 masks in high demand at the moment, the UV-C version of the cure chamber is an effective way to decontaminate and disinfect masks that are in limited supply.

UV-C Crosslinker Cure Chamber N95 Mask Disinfection Article.pdf
N95 Face Mask Cleaning FAQ using UV-C in a Crosslinker Cure Chamber

Uniformity of the Analytik Jena UVP Crosslinker equipped with 254 nm UVC bulbs.

Benchtop UV Cure Chamber
A) Profile image of the UVP CL-3000 Crosslinker.
B) Diagram depicting position of integrated radiometer readings in mJ/cm2 with dimensions and reported coefficient of variation (CV) calculation for total illumination surface (Total CV) and the center of the illumination surface (Center CV).
C) Box-whisker plot summary plot of the data from image B.


• Microprocessor Controlled/ UV Sensor Feedback System
• Multiple Set Functions:
Programmable UV Energy Exposure - You set the UV Energy Exposure
Programmable UV Time Energy - You set the UV Time Exposure
• Maximum UV Energy Setting of 999,900 µJ/cm2
• Maximum UV Time Setting of 999.9 minutes
• Internal Safety Interlock
• Large LED Readout
• Tactile Membrane Switch Keypad
• UV Blocking Viewing Window
• Large Interior UV Exposure Chamber
• Dual Safety Fused
• Removable Power Cord
• Laydown Type Door


External Size:

Height: 26.7cm
Depth: 43cm
Width: 40cm

Interior Chamber Dimensions:

Height: 15cm
Depth: 35cm
Width: 27cm
Weight: 6.8kg (15 lbs)

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

CL3000 UV-A Cure Chamber
CL3000M UV-B Cure Chamber
CL3000L UV-C Cure Chamber
CL3000-LAMP (254nm, 302nm or 365nm)
CL1000-LAMP (254nm, or 365nm)


365nm 230v, CE
302nm 230v, CE
254nm 230v, CE
Replacement Lamps
Replacement Lamps