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RPS HENTEC Photon Steam Ager

The New Photon Steagm Aging system from RPS/Hentec is designed for testing artificial aging of components and circuit boards. It is designed to meet MIL-STD 202, Method 208, and others for military and commercial Hi-Rel specifications. The Photon replaces the Cadence, Cadence DX and much older RPS ST2 systems.

The system can accommodate a wide range of different types of components from high density, discrete components to relays, transistors, capacitors, SMT, and axial components.

Several configurations are available with a single steam chamber or 3 individually timed ESD protected drawers. Both systems offer complete monitoring and control of the steam, water temperature and feature automatic timing of the test duration with both audible and visual alrams.

The system can run tests for both water temperature and steam temperature to meet different test requirements and the parameters are adjustable depending on the users need.

The system can be fed from a carboy or direct DI water feed depending on the site facilities you have.

Steam Aging Equipment Features:

Large Component Capacity
Leading Steam Aging Control in the Industry
Large Tray and 3 Drawer Options
Continuous 99+ Hour Operation
Complies with Hi Rel, Mil Compliance Testing

Process Area 12 x 12" 305 x 305 mm
Water Type Distilled or De-ionized
Temperature Control Programmable
Large Steam Chamber - Standard
Batch Steam Drawers (3) - Option
Water Supply Carboy or Direct


very narrow temperature range fluctuation is needed when carrying out artificial steam aging of components. Typically this is 93 C +/- 3 degrees. The Photon Steam Aging Systems are the only machines currently on the market that meet this precise control requirement. The thermal accuracy makes the Photon Systems ideal for anyone looking to carry out age testing including component manufacturers and military, commercial, and industrial end users.


Multiple products and tests can be run at the same time. Simply set the timer to specify the duration of the test, load the product and the process will automatically take place and alert the operator when the test cycle is complete.

The cycle elapsed time and cycle time are indicated digitally on the touchscreen display. The cycle timer will not time the cycle unless temperature is within process parameters. Boiler temperature control is accurate to ±3°C from pre-set, with a readout provided. Condensation is always kept away from components. Indicators display the operating conditions.


JEDEC JESD22-B102D Mil-STD-202 Method 208


Steam is always safely vented and safety features prevent leakage, over temp and insufficient steam.

The unit automatically shuts down at the end of the pre-programmed cycle. The cover is designed so that steam is condensed and channelled to the side. Temperature controllers monitor for over-temp and insufficient water and will automatically shut the system down when triggered.

The stainless steel steam vessel is un-impacted by de-ionized, distilled or de-mineralized water. The external coating is high durability to handle the occasional water exposure. The Photon System is virtually maintenance free.

For a complete solderability testing process, an RPS Photon Steam Ager can be used in conjunction with the RPS Pulsar Solderability Test System. The Pulsar conducts an automated flux and solder dip process to enable the necessary “Dip & Look Test” to validate the solderability of the aged components.

“Artificial Ageing” Test

The Photon provides additional testing functionality by artificially ageing components prior to the “dip & look test” for solderability testing. The artificial ageing is produced by 8-hours of exposure to precision controlled temperature and steam. The ANSI-J Standard requires steam ageing as part of the solderability test process. This industry specified process replicates the impact of 12+ months of storage. After the ageing process, the components are brought to the solderability tester and, if successful, certification for long-term storage can be given.

Industry Standards Compliance:

RPS systems meet all current industry standards for solderability testing and steam ageing and are CE and RoHS compliant.

Standards compliance in solderability testing includes:

ANSI-J-STD-003 MIL-STD-202 Method 208

Standards compliance in steam ageing includes:

JEDEC JESD22-B102D Mil-STD-202 Method 208

There are options to run the steam ager from a direct from a D.I. water supply or to fill the machine using a carboy. Epak Electronics Ltd supply the RPS Steam Agers with a 230v to 110v, 50Hz Step Down Transformer unless otherwise specified. If you need to know more, please contact us on +44 01460 61791 or email us.

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

Photon - Single Tray (CB)
Photon - Single Tray (DI)
Photon - with optional 3 Drawer Unit(CB)
Photon - with optional 3 Drawer Unit(DI)


110v/50Hz, Steam Ager carboy feed
110v/50Hz, Steam Ager direct feed
110v/50Hz, Steam Ager carboy feed
110v/50Hz, Steam Ager direct feed