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C02 Cleaning Systems

Liquid carbon dioxide is a pure, clean solvent that takes many films and oils into solution. Its near-zero viscosity penetrates the smallest crevices bringing cleaning power where it’s needed most.

Green Technology : The CO2 cleaning system only uses recycled carbon dioxide gas for the cleaning process, this leaves no residue and no solvents chemicals to clean up or dispose of. It generates no additional C02. We can also offer a CO2 purification system to use standard industrial CO2 which is fed into the purifier where it is cleaned and converted to ultra pure CO2.

Examples of CO2 cleaning applications are:

Thin Film Cleaning -Precision Cleaning
Bioburden Reduction - Surface Activation
Surface Modification - Outgassing
Extraction and Scouring - Micro-abrasive Finishing
Surface Prep for Bonding - Optoelectronic Devices
Quartz & Ceramic Substrates - Microelectronic Devices
Semiconductor Components - Precision Machined Assemblies

Sno-Pen Spray Cleaning Pen

The SnoPen™ is ideal for cleaning small parts or spot cleaning for critical manufacturing and assembly operations. The SnowPen™ generates and propels a stream of C02 snow crystals along with clean dry air and can replace or augment traditional solvent-aided wipers, swabs and spray cleaning techniques which can spread, smear or re-deposit trace residues ad particles over critical surfaces.

Part Number - SnoPen 230v, 50Hz

PS6000 SnoPen™ C02 Spray Cleaning Datasheet

MobileClean™ Mobile Cleaning Systems

The MobileClean™ System is a mobile spray cleaning system using the exclusive C02 Processor Units using patented C02 composite spray technology that comprises of clean dry air and low cost recycled C02 gas. Ideal for OEM VAR and Machine-Line builders, the whole unit is portable and flexible.

When production support fixtures such as tool blocks are contaminated, parts do not transfer properly. When moulds get dirty, surface finish suffers. With the MobileClean™ you can bring the precision cleaning exactly where it is needed and on the most complex surfaces and hardware. Added benefits include being able to clean parts in-situ resulting in less time re-aligning, recalibrating and less time cleaning.

Ideal applications include:

Tool Block Cleaning
Mould Cleaning
Vacuum Chamber Cleaning
Laser Benches
Optical Devices
Microwave Assemblies
Rework Operations

Part Number - MobileClean Spray Cleaning System
MobileClean Portable C02 Spray Cleaning System Datasheet

BlueFire™ C02 and Plasma Composite Spray System

A combines C02 cleaning system and Plasma cleaning in a single system. Perfect for challenging surface preparation requirements, the blown ion C02 plasma treatment assists a C02 composite spray with stubborn contamination removal while increasing surface energy, which enhances surface cleanliness and promotes adhesion of ink, adhesive, metallization, wire bonds and paints.

With the BlueFire blown ion plasma module, plasma treatment can be applied without the need for a vacuum chamber. The benefit over common corona discharge treatment is a higher power density and more uniform surface treatment with the BlueFire Plasma.

Part Number - MobileClean Spray Cleaning System

BlueFire™ Atmospheric Plasma Composite Spray System Datasheet

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OEM Partner for Cleanlogix C02 Spray Cleaning Systems

Epak Electronics Ltd are proud to be a OEM partner for Cleanlogix and have been supplying C02 based cleaning systems to the optoelectronics, microelectronics, aviation and semiconductor industries for over 20 years.

Cleanlogix Value Added Reseller for C02 Spray Cleaning Systems