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Epak Fossil Cleaning Blast Cabinet

For one of our custom projects we were asked to build a custom sized abrasive blast cabinet for cleaning/preparing some large fossils.

The customer needed a large working area with easy access to the parts being blasted and good visibility across the part. Measuring 1170mm wide x 360 high and 560mm deep, the cabinet can accommodate very large parts. Lighting at the front and back of the cabinet allow for illumination of the part.

A large top viewing window allows operators plenty of visibility and the two fluorescent lamps illuminate any parts clearly and also help to reduce any shadowing.

Brushes along the front door allow easy access for hands anywhere along the length of the cabinet whist working. Holes in both the top and sides allow for the use of a blaster from the right or left hand side.

The front door can fully open by 180 degrees to allow easy access when placing a part in the chamber and the door is securely held closed by two large heavy duty hinge clamps.

The larged hinged front door opens to allow full access

The EWS2290 Fossil Box measures 1170mm wide x 360 high and 560mm deep (external)
Window: Tempered Glass
Power: 230v, 50Hz.

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EWS2290 Fossil Cleaning Cabinet
MB4320-1 Magnifier


230v, 50Hz, CE
2.5X Magnification

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