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Microblaster MB1000 Micro Abrasive Blaster

The Comco MB1000 Microblaster is Comco's classic Microblaster, a proven, reliable and solid design for easy, quick and to flexible micro abrasive blasting.

The Micro blaster works by using small (fine) abrasive powders that range from 17.5 to 300 micron in size.

Fine abrasive is mixed with a compressed air supply and blast pressures can range from 30 psi up tio 125psi for the normal MB1000. For applications where a range of media is needed to carry out a process, a twin tank MB1002 is available that comprises of two separate tanks and two handpieces. A simple flick of a switch changes the abrasive tank being used.

There are options on the tank sizes that is particularly useful when automating an abrasive process. The standard tank capacity is enough for most applications but where automation is required, an optional tank extender can be used (MB1456-1 or MB1456-2) to increase powder capacity of the blaster.

A huge range of nozzles are available from straight standard nozzles, the new 'Hi-Performance' range of nozzles to 45 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree nozzles as well as extended lengths that can be used. These all fit on the standard MB1083-3 handpiece. Special nozzles can also be made for applications when an off the shelf solution is not suitable.

The hand held nozzle is highly controllable, as is the capability to adjust the air pressure and abrasive blend that make it delicate enough to use to clean fossils, yet powerful enough to cut holes in silicon wafers.

Used in many different industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, electronics, industrial engineering and fabrication, dental, museums and conservation, MEMS, and Micromachining.

Some of the applications where microblasting can be used include: deburring machined parts, surface cleaning, surface texturing, etching, engraving, conformal coating removal, oxide removal for thermocouples, surface preparation for attaching strain gauges, turbine blade cleaning, injection mould and die cleaning, paint and coating removal on machined parts, rectifier edge bevelling, surface structure micromachining, oxide removal on laser cut stents, catheter guide wire stripping, wire coating and oxide removal.

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

MB1000-2CE Microblaster
MB1002-2CE Dual Tank Microblaster
MB1274-3 Replacement Parts Kit
MB1440 Tune up kit
MB1450 Tank Cover O-Ring Kit


230v, Standard Tank, 230V CE
230v, Twin Tank, 230V CE
inc. hose and fittings
includes standard wear items
includes O-rings for tank cover