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Accuflo AF10 Micro Abrasive Blaster

The Comco AF10 Accuflo blaster is designed to be easy to use, quick to maintain and provide reliable, consistent abrasive blasting.

Capable of using fine abrasive powders - typically from 10 to 300 micron. The Accuflo is the next evolution of the Microblaster range.

Fine abrasive is mixed with a compressed air supply and blast pressures can range from 30 psi up tio 125psi for the normal AF10. A high pressure version is available if you need to run at higher pressures.

There are also options on the tank sizes that is particularly useful when automating an abrasive process. the standard tank capacity is 1 litre but the extended tank doubles this and allows 2 litres of abrasive.

The new 'Comfort Grip' handpiece also allows quick and easy changing of the nozzles. If a wider selection of nozzles is required for your application, the standard MB1083-3 handpieces can be used and all the standard and special range of nozzles can be utilised.

Easy To Maintain

Most abrasive blast systems will have wear points due to the nature of abrasive blasting. The Comco Accuflo offers an easy to maintain system that minimises downtime and allows easy changing of any normal 'wear' items.

Colour coded hoses with push fit connectors make connecting and disconnecting internal fittings simple and quick.

A blast counter is also featured on the Accuflo to allow measurement of running time, how many blast cycles and advise on maintenance cycles that may be due.

Powdergate technology creates less wear parts on the abrasive hose and a more precise blast cycle.

The 'MB2247 Tune Up Kits' allow for simple replacement of known wear items and reduces the time spent having to replace worn parts. There are three types available and the one required will depend upon the serial number of the blaster you have or if you use the larger 3/8" abrasive hose or the standard 1/4" hose. If you are not sure, we can help work out the one you need.

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

AF10-2 Accuflo
AF10-T-2 Accuflo
MB2247 Tune Up Kit
MB2247-2 Tune Up Kit
MB2247-3 Tune Up Kit
MB2300-1 External Blast Timer
PF2121-3 Splitter - 2 Way
MB2560-4 3/8" Output Fitting


230v, Standard Tank (1 litre), 230V CE
230v, Tall Tank (2 litres), 230V CE
Tune Up Kit For s/n Up To AF130
Tune Up Kit For s/n From AF131+
Tune Up Kit For units with 3/8" Output
MB2300-1 External Blast Timer
PF2121-3 Splitter - 2 Way
MB2560-4 3/8" Output Fitting