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Wire Stripping Nozzle

When you need to remove oxide from wire, strip a protective coating or texture a wire, the Comco SP1905 wire stripping nozzle is just the thing.

Multiple blast nozzles abrasively strip the surface of the wire that is fed through the opening. The process can be done manually or with a controlled / automated reel to reel setup.

The wire stripping nozzle removes the need to rotate the wire as it is fed through the nozzle and creates a sharp delineation without the need for masking. This allows you to strip coatings, oxide or contamination from the ends of wires easily and quickly.

The wire is fed through a specially sized guide bolt in the centre of the ring nozzle. Different size guides are available to allow correct feeding for wire up to .125” (3.18 mm). The length of the blast region is also adjustable and a top wheel is included for wire-end applications.

Another application for the wire stripping nozzle is when the surface of the wire needs to be roughened in order to bond it to a different surface. A good example of this is for catheter guide wires. The coating needs to be removed in order to attach the guide wire.

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SP1905 Wire Stripping Nozzle


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