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Abrasive Blast Cabinets

We have a range of abrasive blast cabinets for use with micro-abrasive blasters.

Small and Compact Blast Cabinet

For general small area blasting, the Comco Clearview WS6000 cabinet offer a compact form factor with ergonomic hand openings.

Medium Area Blast Cabinet

When a medium sized blast cabinet is required, the Comco Classic WS2200 is perfect for the job and offers a great compromise between area capacity, visibility and still ergonomic to use.

Large Area Blast Cabinets

When a larger working area is required, the Comco CTR200 Procenter is ideal as it offer a larger blast area, excellent visibility and also combines a dust collector and air dryer into the package.

Custom Blast Cabinets

When even larger or specific work areas are needed then Epak Electronics can also provide custom cabinets to meet your needs. An excellent example of this is our Epak EWS2290 Fossil Box cabinet at over 1m wide this cabinet offers excellent working flexibility from the smallest to very large parts. We can also modify cabinets to accommodate longer parts by adding side brushes etc. PLease see our page here for more details Epak Custom WS2200 Cabinets. Fossil Abrasive Blast Cabinet Datasheet