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Classic Blast Cabinet (WS2200)

The Comco 'Classic' Workstation is designed to offer a clear, well lit workstation with plenty of space for working on larger parts, yet designed to allow controlled airflow though the cabinet to ensure that your abrasive powder ends up in your dust extractor, not in the room.

A large hinged window allows operators plenty of visibility and the two fluorescent lamps illuminate any parts clearly and also help to reduce any shadowing.

The handholes are ergonomically spaced to allow most operators comfortable when using the system for extended periods of time.

Window shields are available to help protect the front glass on the workstation - particularly useful when working on small parts that are hard to see

A MB4320-1 Magnifier is also available as an optional accessory that provides 2.4x magnification

A 100mm / 4" exhaust port allows connection to a dust collector.

The Classic abrasive blast cabinet measures 610mm wide x 380mm deep x 305mm high (external) 24" x 15" x 12".
Internal workspace dimensions are 584mm wide x 305mm deep x 228mm high. 23" x 12" x 9".
The cabinet uses two 18" F15T8/CW lamps.
Window: Tempered Glass, 584mm x 165mm / 23" x 6.5"
Power: 230v, 50Hz. 70 watt
Weight: 23kg / 50 lbs

Ordering Information:

Part Number:

WS2200-2CE Classic Workstation
WS2279-3 Window Shields
WS2279-10 Window Shields
MB4320-1 Magnifier


230v, 50Hz, CE
Pack of 3
Pack of 10
2.5X Magnification