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Donaldson SP24 Membrane Air Dryer

For the best microblasting results, your abrasive powder needs to be dry and the compressed air supply feeding your microblaster also needs to be dry. Using an air dryer with a pre-water and oil filter is the best way to ensure your compressed air doesn't contaminate or cause problems with damp powder.

The pre-oil and water filters are placed before the membrane dryer to absorb the heavier oils and moisture from the compressed air supply.

The SP24 membrane dryer needs no power supply to function, it is simply inserted into the air line between the compressed air supply and your microblaster.

Ideal as a lower cost alternative to the continuous air dryer.

Micro Abrasive Blasting Moisture Issues Datasheet
Micro Abrasive Blasting Oil Contamination Issues Datasheet

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SP24 Membrane Air Dryer


with pre-water and oil filter

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