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Air Dryers

Clean dry air is critical for micro abrasive blasting. Any moisture in your compressed air supply will cause many problems in getting powder to feed properly.

Pre-oil and water filters are typically used to remove the heavy deposits in the compressed air supply and then a desiccant, membrane or continuous dryer is then used to remove the remainder of any contaminants left.

We have a range of several different types depending on your budget and application. Please see the links below for more detailed product information.

AD5100 Desiccant Air Dryer
AD5300 Continuous Air Dryer
SP24 Membrane Air Dryer

AF10 Accuflo
MB1000 Microblaster
DF1400 Directflo
PF2400 Powerflo
Classic WS2200
Clearview WS6000
Epak EWS2290 Fossil Box
CTR200 Procenter
Abrasive Powders
AD5100 Desiccant Air Dryer
AD5300 Continuous Air Dryer
SP24 Continuous Air Dryer
DP400 Dust Collector
DP500 Dust Collector
DP1000 Dust Collector
DP1500 Dust Collector
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