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DP500 Abrasive Dust Collector

We provide a range of Dust Collection and Extraction systems, primarily for use with the Comco Micro-abrasive blast systems we supply, although, if you need any kind of dust extraction equipment, please contact us.

Depending on your requirements, we can either provide a suitable system including hoses, ducting and clips you may need (or put you in contact with someone who can help). We also offer air dryers and can advise or supply air compressors if required. If you need to know more, please contact us on +44 01460 61791 or email us.

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Medium to Heavy Duty Extraction

DustPRO 500 dust extraction systems combine extremely large filter capacity with high airflows and pressure.

The DP500 is ideal for heavy duty applications that generate large amounts of particulate dust or where high dust extraction flows are required . Each system benefits from Automatic Flow Control. This feature enables the end user to set the required airflow for the application. The unit will then maintain this airflow throughout the life cycle of the filter.

Developed for the safe and effective removal of dust, swarf and particulates generated during processes such as drilling, routing, mechanical engraving, grinding and turning.

One of the main problems with other dust extractors relates to the type of pump used. Most have brushed motors which are noisy in operation and frequently burn out, with the average life of brushes being around 800 hours.

The pump used in the DustPRO 500 dust and fume extraction system is brushless and designed for continuous running, which can exceed 30,000 hours use before servicing.

The DustRPRO range generate high vacuums and are quiet in operation, whilst having a large capacity bag filter, which is high efficiency.

Standard Features: Turbine with high airflow and pressure
Large capacity bag filter
Automatic flow control system
HEPA filtration
‘Easi-Glide’ filter location mechanism
Built in silencing

Optional Features: Remote stop / start interface
Filter change / System fail signal
The unit measures 1220mm high by 600mm wide by 770mm deep.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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DP500 Dust Collector


230v, 50Hz, CE (110v optional)

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