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Electronic Components

We supply a wide range of electronic components from Mini-Systems Inc (MSI)and are their UK agent. MSI parts are used in manufacturing in the electronics, medical, space, satellite, aerospace, research, military industries globally.

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MSI have a range of thin film components including:
Thin film chip resistors
Resistor networks
MOS chip capacitors

MSI also have a range of thick film components including:
Thick Film Surface Mount Resistors
Thick Film Chip Attenuators
Thick Film Jumpers
Mounting Pads and Kits
Surface Mount Resistor Networks
MIL-PRF-M55342 Precision Resistors
Wire Bondable or Flip Chip Thick Film Resistors

MSI have a range of high performance, alumina/glass walled packages and lids in flat pack, plug-in and surface mount configurations: MSI electronic packages

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We also have the capability to undertake custom automation projects and have successfully provided several turnkey solutions for customers needing to automate production processes. Predominantly based around the Comco Inc range of microblaster technology there are several examples on our Custom Solutions page including our Surface Abraders, Rectifier Beveller and custom abrasive blast cabinets.

Production equipment including micro abrasive blast equipment, soldering machines, steam aging test equipment, radiometers for UV measurement, C02 Spray Cleaning Equipment.

We have a range of high reliability chip resistors, networks, attenuators and MOS chip capacitors and electronic packages from MSI.

Wire bonding tools, bonding capillaries, die pickup tools, epoxy dispensing and stamping tools and bonder accessories.

UV Equipment, UV Filters, UV Measurement Labels and Radiometers, UV Cure Chamber, UV Lamps, Spot Cure Lamps, Ink Coating and Printing Supplies, Drawdowns, Ink Proofing, Spatulas, Scrapers and Ink Knives

Abrasive Blast Equipment
Anti-static Products
Anti-static Storage Cabinets
Bonding Tools & Capillaries
C02 Cleaning Systems
Custom Equipment
Dispensing Equipment
Dust Extraction
Epoxies & Adhesives
Hybrid Packages
Resistors & Components
Printing & Ink Equipment
Spatulas, Ink Knives & Scrapers
Soldering Equipment
Steam Agers
Substrate & Mask Alignment
UV Lamps
UV Filters & Eye Protection
Dyne Pens
Test & Measurement Equipment
UV Cure Chambers
UV Spot Cure Gun
UV Equipment
UV Equipment Spares