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Window Protection Shields

Protect your abrasive blast cabinet window with the Comco WS2279 Window Shields.

The windows shields fit on the inside of the glass window and prevent your window from frosting due to abrasive powder etching the inside of the glass. Over time, if your window is subjected to abrasive blasting, it will become harder to see clearly. This can cause eye strain and make using the cabinets uncomfortable and less accurate for the operators. Once frosted, the only option is to replace the glass window.

Quick and easy to fit, the window shields do not require messy adhesives, water or squeegees. Simply ensure your glass is clean and free from dust, fingerprints and grease. Remove the backing strip and fit into your desired location.

Available in packs of 3 (WS2279-3) or packs of 10 (WS2279-10). Will fit the Comco Classic, Clearview and Procenter Workstations.

The window shields measure 245mm wide by 130mm tall

Normally available from stock at Epak Electronics.

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WS2279-3 Window Shields
WS2279-10 Window Shields


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Pack of 10

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