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MB2300-1 External Blast Timer

Where precise production control is required, Comco's external blast timer can really make a difference to simplified process control.

by using a timed blast length, your process can be carefully controlled for repeatability. Eliminate over blasting parts or under blasting. Simple footswitch control to start the timed blast with an override switch to facilitate processing of awkward or stubborn parts that need a bit more processing than normal.

There are two modes of operation, 'Timer Only' and 'Footswitch + Timer'. Timer only is self explanatory, it simply uses the timer to control the length of time the blaster runs. When the operator steps on the foot-switch, the blaster runs until the Blast Timer halts the abrasive stream, even if the foot pedal remains depressed. This allows a greater increase in production repeatability. 'Footswitch + Timer' mode allows use of the footswitch normally when the timer is set to zero or will add the timers set time to the blast length.

The picture to the right shows a multiple-blaster set up where three different blasters process a complex part in three separate areas simultaneously. The Blast timers are set to different times for each section and a control box we built controls the whole process from a single footwsitch.

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MB2300-1 External Blast Timer


no external power required

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