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RPS Lead Tinning Machines

RPS have introduced their latest military compliant Lead Tinning System - the Odyssey 925 that Meets MIL, NASA, ANSI, IEC, GEIA Standards for Component Re-Tinning.

The Odyssey 925 replaces the previous Anthem Systems and is a fully ANSI, MIL, IEC and GEIA compliant system. The Odyssey 925 offer this level of high reliability military standards compliance in a small-footprint and affordable package. It is suited for high precision, low-mid volume in-house re-tinning of electronic components and leads.

The machine is designed with ease of use and maintenance, all while adding the new functionality to meet the complex requirements of the IEC and MIL standards.”

With two solder pots, the system is flexible and can be set up to run one pot with leaded solder and the second for lead-free solder or for different types of solder in each bath or even the same type if you wish. Removable badges are affixed to the solder pots indicating the type of solder (lead or lead free) in each bath.

The Odyssey 925 System is based on years of experience in building low and high volume lead tinning systems. The Odyssey 925 is the latest generation platform that delivers the same durability and precision for which RPS is known. Features include:

Flexible configurations: two (2) dynamic solder pots, pre-heat station, flux station
Easy change Wave or Solder Bath nozzles - go from wave soldering to bath dipping in seconds.
High precision ball screw drives for fast, quiet, durable motion control
PID temperature control to meet precision thermal requirements
Windows™ PC for rapid programming and unlimited program storage
Programming control includes: solder temperature; dynamic solder flow; emersion depth acceleration, deceleration, and feed rate; dwell time; X and Z axes and optional rotary motion using the rotary tool head.
Optional Dynamic Flux station.

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Odyssey 925


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