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Anti-Static String

The Anti-Static String is sold in 22m (72-foot) rolls, this ionizing cord has conductive micro-fibres, which cause the static charge to ionize and flow to the ground, providing clean performance [no oxidation, copper contamination or scratching]; adaptable to irregular surfaces such as the changing diameter of a winding roll. Anti-Static String is 2mm in diameter.

To install, simply ground string to the bare metal of the machine and drape the length across the surface to be neutralized. Adjust the distance from the charged sheet or web from direct contact to up to two inches away until you get the optimum static neutralization. Place string either under or over a web or sheet; can be used in multiple locations wherever static is a problem.

We also offer magnetic mounts to mount the anti-static cord tο thе metal οf thе machine. Simply thread through the magnet, tie off and attach using thе magnet(s).

Static electricity is extremely problematic in printing and commercial business processes. It attracts and holds dirt, dust, bacteria and other airborne contaminants. Static pulls articles out of register during manufacturing and printing processes, and it causes articles or components to stick together causing jamming of machines and equipment.

An even bigger problem with static is that it can ignite combustible dust, vapours, solvents, and other materials causing fire and or/explosion.

It can also cause electronic instrumentation to perform erratically or even fail. Poor quality, waste, rejects, unscheduled downtime, increased frequency of maintenance, loss of internal environmental control and increased costs are some of the resulting problems.

Anti-Static String and Mounting Magnets normally available from stock.

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B610-100 Anti-Static String


72' (22m) Roll
Mounting Magnet

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