EZ-Mix-Hi Hand Held Motor Driven Dispenser

EZ-Mix-Hi Hand Held Motor Driven Dispenser

EZ-Mix Hi hand held dispenser

The EZ-Mix Hi hand dispenser is a motor driven unit that is designed for use in almost any situation. The unit is powered by a rechargeable, portable battery pack but can also be run via a wall mounted mains supply.

The high torque motor allows materials with 1+ cps to be dispensed easily and accurately. The motor uses positive displacement to ensure accuracy and minimize problems with air pressure associated with pneumatic systems.

The EZ-Mix Hi can use cartridges of varying rations including 1:1 and 2:1 and the rate of dispense can be controlled by a small dial on the back of the unit to allow greater accuracy and more efficient operation.

EZ Mix Hand Dispensing System

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