Advanced Lathe - Programmable Micro Abrasive Lathe

Window Shields For Micro-abrasive Blast Cabinets

Advanced Lathe
Comco’s Advanced Lathe provides precision microblasting for demanding production environments. Using up to four axes of motion and unique tooling, the Advanced Lathe is able to process a wide range of applications. The Advanced Lathe offers precision and repeatability with simple operation without compromise. When nanometers make a difference, Comco’s automation delivers—over and over again.

Easy To Use

Comco’s User Interface (UI) adapts a precision parts-handling system to a MicroBlasting environment. The operator interface fosters a straightforward workflow, and the engineering interface enables multiple programs to be created remotely for use across multiple machines. Lathe Programming Screens
Capabilities of the User Interface include:

Smart Tooling

Coordinates the blast program with the required part tooling and blast head
Facilitates proper configuration before start-up through a series of clearly mapped, color-coded system checks
Clearly notifies and instructs operator in the event of an error


Modifiable to suit unique process requirements
Modifiable text messages suited to each user that can even be translated into a local language


Separate interfaces for operation and engineering
Password-protected engineering interface that gives the engineer complete control over the system

Engineers work with you every step of the way, from the concept to the production floor and beyond.

Built on a Proven Platform and Customizable for Your Needs

Comco-Advanced Lathe LA3250 with AutoFill option shown
Comco micro-abrasive blasting Advanced Lathe LA3250 with AccuFlo blasters and AutoFillWorking in an abrasive environment creates many challenges for parts handling. Comco started building our own automation after realizing that most automation companies were not well equipped for operating under these demanding circumstances.

The design philosophy behind our automated systems:
Keep abrasive located in areas that cannot contaminate motion components.
Use both gravity and airflow to move abrasive out of the blast chamber as quickly as possible.
Make locations that face inevitable wear as durable as possible and easily replaceable.
Protect any components that are sensitive to abrasive with multiple barriers.

Through proper design and implementation, Comco’s engineers developed a rugged automation platform that has proven itself time and again to withstand and thrive in harsh environments.

Comco has been working with fine abrasive media for 45 years. We know how stuff breaks, and more importantly how to keep that from happening.

Peace of Mind

Turn-key Operation: With the purchase of a LA3250, Comco engineers will not only build the system, but also develop the process and application. Each Advanced Lathe includes tooling and blast heads specifically designed for your parts.

Consistency Across Multiple Systems

All Advanced Lathes are checked for accuracy to meet Comco’s strict quality control.
Each system is calibrated to a common home position.
Programs can migrate from one lathe to the next, and each system will provide the same results.

Ongoing Technical Support

Comco stands behind each system that we deliver. Our technical support department is available each weekday to help you troubleshoot an error message or develop a blast program for a new part. We get it: while microblasting may only be a small step in your total manufacturing process, keeping your system running smoothly makes everything else better.

Modular design and custom blast heads enable the Advanced Lathe to process parts in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Comco-Advanced Lathe Applications

Advanced Abrasive Lathe Datasheet


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