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Drawdown Bars, Rods, and Film Thickness Controls


Determining a desirable film thickness requires understanding of how a wet film reacts at various thicknesses. Viscosity, surface tension and other physical properties that affect the final result must be understood before establishing what thickness will be accepted for a particular production. We offer many different tools for helping you determine these characteristics.

Dyne Pens and Inks

Dyne pens and inks to check and measure surface tension.

Available as felt tip pen sets, liquid dyne pens and bottle of dyne inks. Levels from 30 to 70 available. Custom sets also available.

Surface Tension Measurement

Drawdown Bars and Rods

Drawdown bars and rods for ink testing. Available as a wire wrapped bar or a machined bar. Bar sizes of 0 to 90 available (0 to 228 micron wet film thickness).

Several options for bar diameter and lengths available.

Drawdown Bars & Rods

Mini-Laboratory Drawdown Plate

Glass plate with clip for ink testing with drawdown bars and rods.

Mini Laboratory Drawdown

Quick Peek Ink Test Kit

Mini-had proofing kit. Small, self contained set perfect for testing inks and coatings.

Quick Peek Ink Proof Test

Handheld Drawdown

Handheld Drawdown bar and handle for testing inks and coatings.

Range of bar sizes available:

0.4 MIL Rod = 10.16 microns
0.6 MIL Rod = 15.24 microns
1.0 MIL Rod = 25.4 microns
2.0 MIL Rod = 50.8 microns
3.0 MIL Rod = 76.2 microns
4.0 MIL Rod = 101.6 microns
5.0 MIL Rod = 127 microns
6.0 MIL Rod = 152.4 microns
7.0 MIL Rod = 177.8 microns

Handheld Drawdown

Phantom QD Hand Proofer

Phantom QD Hand proofing kit for ink testing.

Phantom Proofing System

Flexographic Hand Proofer

Flexographic hand proofer with anilox roll for ink testing and proofing. Hand proofer stand and roll holder also available.

UV Flexographic Hand Proofers

8 Path Scraper

Multi-edge scraper used to create different thickness films for testing or film coating applications.

8 Path Scraper

Blade Applicator Gauge

Micrometer adjustable film casting knife / blade applicator gauge. For casting set film thicknesses from 0 to 150 mils.

Blade Applicator Gauge


Viscometers for testing ink thickness and viscocity.

We have a portable viscometer kit as well as a laboratory viscometer.

Viscosity Measurement Equipment