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UV Blacklights

UV Process Supply offers 3 types of special coated mercury-arc CON-TROL-CURE® BLACKLIGHT LOW PRESSURE TUBES: UV-B, BL and BLB. These lamps are each coated with special blended phosphor to emit radiation peaking at 306nm (UV-B), 352nm (BL) or 368nm (BL & BLB). The UV radiation emitted at specific wavelengths are used to create UV reaction and effects for various applications such as in laboratory research, medical, industrial, sanitation, criminology, cosmetics and entertainment. Manufacturing at an ISO 9001 certified facility with a tightly controlled manufacturing process enables us to provide high quality lamps with reliable delivery to support your OEM product development as well as your daily operation.

• Low Mercury dose to meet environmental demands
• Large production capacity providing lamps with consistent quality and reliable delivery
• Flexible design capability for custom lamp development

• UV Curing • Fluorescence Illumination • Fluorescence Analysis
• Laboratory/Research • Photochemistry • Chromatography
• Phototherapy • Dermatology • Non-Destructive Testing
• Inspection • Detection • Insect Luring
• Fluorescence Display • Special effects in theatrical presentation


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