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Dicing and Grinding Tapes - High Temperature and UV Release Tapes

Wafer Dicing And Back Grinding Tapes And Grease-Adhesive For Wafer Thinning Applications

AIT is the only manufacturer of dicing tapes that can withstand high temperature exposure. This unique ability to tolerate high temperatures is further enhanced with unique anti-static highly stretchable substrate. UV-release versions with different peel strengths are also available.

The success of dicing tape is proven with 100% yield without die loss during the dicing process.

Dicing & Grinding Tapes, Thermal Greases-Gels, Wax Coatings & Films

AI Technology is the only US company that manufactures dicing and back grinding tapes in an ISO 9001-2008 facilities, located in Princeton, NJ.

Besides the UV releasing and pressure sensitive types of dicing and grinding tapes that are proven to perform similarly to if not the same as equivalent Japanese manufactured products, AIT pioneers a unique high temperature stable dicing and grinding tape for more stringent applications such as back grinding tapes and wafer thinning thermal grease-adhesive.

Dicing tapes that are compatible with all industrial standard processes and equipment
High Temperature Back Grinding Tapes
UV Releasing Back Grinding Tapes
Vacuum wafer thinning thermal grease-adhesives

The extensive AIT reversible temporary bonding solutions are engineered specifically for the processing of compound semiconductors that often require back-thinning of the processed wafers or backside lithography. Wafers of GaAs, InP, SiC and other compounds are expensive and have relatively poor mechanical properties.

AIT's reversible bonding wax film and spin coating solution are also ideal for carrier or sub-mount substrates back-thinning and backside lithography processing. These carrier or sub-mount substrates are typically sapphire, quartz, glass, or in some cases Si wafers.

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