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Solderable Flex Circuit Materials

Flexible and Advanced Circuit Substrate Materials

AIT COUPLER organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrate and flexible circuit pre-preg material panels can be used to build one of the thinnest components and circuit boards with 40-50 micron dielectric over a 1/4 oz (9 micron) copper conductor.

COUPLER with AIT proprietary flexible substrate has proven applicable for:

Through-hole plating for two sided interconnections
Hydrophobic with ultra low moisture absorption
Low dielectric constant
No volume limitation

Solderable Flexible Circuit Materials For Fine-Pitch And Super-Fine Pitch Flexible Circuit Applications

AI Technology has developed a solderable, organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrate materials that can be used at temperatures as high as 300°C. The standard flexible circuit material uses 1 oz copper on this non-polyimide proprietary molecularly flexible material for a total 3-mil thickness as flexible circuit substrate.

These flexible circuit materials are available with 1/4 or 3/8-oz copper for super fine-pitch flexible circuit applications of less than 1-mil line/spacing and via.

COUPLER™ Flexible Circuit Material Characteristics:

Proprietary organic copper-clad laminate material with low dielectric constant, 3.0 @ 1 KHz with less than 0.01 dielectric loss and high insulation strength (>1000VDC/3-mil thickness).
Non-silicone and non-contaminating molecularly flexible dielectric layer.
Withstands chemical etching and wet chemical treatments for all PWB/PCB processes.
Maintains outstanding flexibility even at temperatures of as low as 40°C.
Eliminates traditional polyimide flexible circuit material "measling" and other moisture induced degradation and reliability problems as usually associated with polyimide based circuit boards.
Outstanding moisture resistance, less than 0.3%, while maintaining high electrical and mechanical performance.
UL-94-V0 fire-retardant rating.
Same circuit density and design rules as traditional FR-4 and BT board.
Lower temperature multi-layer flexible circuit processing from as low as 125°C.
Solderable flexible circuit applications at 50% of the traditional polyimide flexible circuit material substrate cost.


Organic copper-clad laminate substrate flexible circuit materials to replace polyimide and PTFE.
Flex tape for area-array flexible circuit and interposer substrate.
Flip-chip on flex with superfine pitches.
Directly solderable flat and flexible jumpers.
Flat and flexible cabling that can be used in class
Solderable membrane switches and circuits.
Roll-to-roll or panel processing.
Available in rolls of various lengths and width.

AIT COUPLER™ organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrate and flexible circuit pre-preg material panels can be handled in exactly the same method and infrastructure as commonly used in standard PWB and flex circuit.

1. Panel & Roll Material Handling

COOL-CLAD™ and COUPLER™ organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrates can be stored in ambient conditions for at least 12 months.
COUPLER™ flexible circuit pre-preg material can be stored in ambient conditions for at least 6 months.

2. Panel Prep
Chemical Cleaning
Base Metal Protection

3. Imaging
Dry Film Application
Wet Film Application
Screened Image Application

4. Wet Chemistry Processing
Post Etch/Strip Clean

5. Solder Mask Application
Screen, Spray or Curtain Coat
Thermal Solder Mask
UV Cured Solder Mask

6. Second Step Drill or Punch

7. Finishing Operation

8. Finishing Fabrication

Characteristics UnitConditioningTypical ValuesSpecification
Volume Resistivity   M&-cm C-96/35/90 5X108~5X109 106
Surface Resistivity   M& C-96/35/90 5X106~5X107 10t
Permittivity 1 MHz   - C-24/23/50 3.8-4.2 5.4
Loss Tangent 1 MHz   - C-24/23/50 0/013-0.020 0.035
Arc Resistance   Sec D-48/50 + D-0.5/23 100 60
Dielectric Breakdown   KV D-48/50 45 40
Moisture Absorption   % D-24/23 0.01-0.20 0.35
Flammability   - C-24/23/50+E-24/125 94V0 94V0
Peel Strength 1oz   Lb/in 288°C Solder Floating 8 8
Thermal Stress   Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 600 300
Pressure Cooker (2 atm/120°C) hr hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300
  1 hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300 N/A
  2 hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300 N/A
Flexural Strength LW psi A 6000 60000 (N/A, For Flex Circuit)
  CW psi A 5000 60000 (N/A, For Flex Circuit)
Dimensional Stability X-Y Axis   % E-0.5/170 0.01-0.020 0.050
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Z-axis below Tg In/in/°C TMA 60 PPM N/A
Z-axis above Tg Z-axis above Tg In/in/°C TMA 180 N/A
Glass Transition Temperature   °C DSC -40 +/- 5 N/A

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