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Comco MB1000 Microblaster Spares

Keep your Comco MB1000 Microblaster running smoothly and efficiently by replacing worn out parts and carrying out periodic preventative maintenance.

We stock a wide range of common spare parts for the Comco range of Microblaster (MB100 and MB1000) micro-abrasive blasters. We also keep nozzles and commonly used abrasive powder in stock. We have been selling the Comco range of abrasive blasting equipment for over 40 years and can help assist with any problems you may have.

See below to obtain quotes or information on the commonly used spares for the Comco Microblaster.

For other Comco spares and maintenance kits, please see our Comco spares page.


MB1274-3 Microblaster Replacement Parts Kit

MB1440 Microblaster Tune-up Kit

MB1450 Microblaster (old style) Tank Cover O-ring Kit


If you have any problems with the machine or would like any advice, we are happy to give support and help to get you back and running with as quickly and possible. Please feel free to call us on +44 (0)1460 61791 or Email: If you can advise us on the model, serial number and any details relating to the problem it will help speed up your enquiry.

Ordering Information: Maintenance Kits

Part Number:

MB1274-3 MB Replacement Parts
MB1440 Microblaster Tune-up Kit
MB1450 MB Tank Cover O-ring Kit


Microblaster replacement parts kit
Tune Up Kit
For older MB1068 Tank Lids

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Ordering Information: Handpiece Components

Part Number:

MB1083-3 Handpiece Assembly
MB1012-6 Handpiece Tube
MB1012-5 Handpiece Tube
MB1230-1 Handpiece Nose
MB1230-2 Handpiece Nose
MB1233-25 abrasive hose
MB1233-100 abrasive hose


handpiece tube, nose and 6' hose
handpiece tube (standard)
handpiece tube (automation)
handpiece nose (standard)
handpiece nose (automation)
25' hose
100' hose

Ordering Information: Internal Components

Part Number:

MB1050-2 Pinch Plunger
MB1282 Pinch tube
MB1301-2 Modulator Housing Assembly
MB1560 Filter and check valve


pinch plunger
pinch tube
Modulator (without coil) 230V
filter and check valve

Ordering Information: Tank Components

Part Number:

MB1409-XX Tank Orifice
MB1568 Tank cover assembly


XX= size (.025"/.030"/.040"/.046"/.060")
newer design ACME thread

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Ordering Information: Fittings and Misc Parts

Part Number:

MB1324-10 plastic sleeves
MB1455 Hose connector QuickNut
ST4012 Tubing for air lines
ST4014 Bulkhead connector
ST6104-4 Desiccant charge


10 pack, used in hose connections
Quicknut fitting
(internal hose)
Brass fitting s/n 0 to 5999
for AD5100-4, pk of 4